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Medication for Your Daily Work-Out

This basically says it all, and remember to take daily!

I don’t believe that we are overmedicalized on the above, but check out this video on the topic:


A little off-colour, it’s all about perception.

This whole post is going to be about bad jokes.  If done right, they can be very clever.  To tell a bad joke that doesn’t come across as offensive is very difficult, and few people can do this successfully…

Ok, this post is not going to focus on off-colour humour (there may still be the odd pun thrown in though;-)).  I am going to talk about colour and perception.  Since it has been a while, so I will be brief even though I have a lot to talk about.  I have decided that posts are no going to come more randomly in their timing, but more frequently.  It is hard for me to get time to sit down and write on Wednesdays.  Not to worry, I will try to still be sarcastic and entertaining in my writing.  Things will stay interesting.  Less planned and regular will help because how often is life able to be planned and regular?  You don’t need to answer that, it was meant to answer itself with ‘hardly ever!’.

May is in full swing and, in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, it is known as being the month of Spring and new beginnings.  We have gone from Winter, which I see as a time of solitude, to a time that is seen for growth, and new beginnings.  Colours have begun to appear, so here are some interesting effects of different colours:

Green: Gets creative juices flowing, is the symbol for growth, both physically and psychologically, and sparks our creative side.  Causes us to think outside the box.

Red: Hurts exam scores and is associated with a fear of failure.  It is linked to success and dominance and men have been shown to find women who are dressed in red more attractive (good news for red-heads).  It is a very dynamic colour, where it has been shown to increase respiration and heart rate, intensity and energy.

Yellow: Is a mood lifter.  It has been shown to make people more lively and talkative as well as improve focus and concentration.

Blue: Makes us feel comfortable in a room, causing people to stay longer.  It has a soothing effect, slows heart rate, and boosts your ability to think outside the box like green.

Pink: Is seen as girly, fun, and innocent.  Inmates were less hostile in pink cells, but it is just softer version of red so it is not calming.

White: Is associated with authority, sterility, spaciousness, purity, and nausea?  White florescent light and white walls causes eye fatigue and ill feelings.

This week’s idea: Open your eyes to all of the great colours around you and practice some ‘green vision‘!